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Yesterday on a p4x4g, I instal [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/13/2020 16:13:45

Yesterday on a p4x4g, I installed iiab on a 64g mico-sd w/ raspian
I used the "install content" to select and install, what appeared to be, less than 60g
Naturally, the selected install packages was way more than 60g. I was lucky to be monitoring the drive and it did fill up, to where nothing else could be downloaded.
I tried to use a couple different usb drives to copy off one or two .mp4 files to get back ~1g of space. But I was not successful. I was able to uses the box.lan install and go through khan academy and the other packages, fine.
I then imaged the micro-sd chip into a 62g .img and created a 27g tar.gz
I used Disks program to write the 64g.img to a micro-sd which DID NOT complete.
I've ordered a couple 128g micro-sd chips which I figure would give me enough space to work with.
thank you so much for all you do.