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Migration from Proxmox 2. I do [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 11/01/2020 16:21:40

Migration from Proxmox
2. I do not have the PG credentials on the linode host. That is Dominique.But if you goto: http://caltek.net/web/database/managerclick on Backup password: Gaiter1990!it will download the database and file system

3, The requirements to move off of Proxmox involves 
a. caltek.net  is odoo 11 (see #odoo-11) http://caltek.net/42003 was created to migrate to. http://caltek.net:42003/web/database/manager has the same master password.  
I've tried several times to import the DB from caltek.net but it timed out each time. 
Note: I also put the http://openeducat.org apps in the add-on directory but they do not show up in the 

b. litli.net  is openacs/LRN packages this instance was re installed (not sure how that happened) but the new install didn't work and broke most everything. 
The database was backed up by Dominique and transferred to the Linode but I do not know where it is. On is open to the PG. 
I'm thinking it's in the PG on the host. 
Iuri is the one that knows the ins and outs of openacs he has migrated it twice to other working instances in proxmox.

c. tutortronics.net #]po[ Dominique also copied this database from Proxmox 
Again Iuri is the master of this instance. 
It is still running and in-tacked. Nothing has been added to this for a while. 
It does have much of what Iuri and I did in project management and I used the Idea packed some.