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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/20/2018 17:05:23

my kmw@caltek.net is pointing to http://rhsrider.net/webmail which
resolves to a port so adding another layer of complexity to our
communications is another e-mail calteknet@gmail.com which I only use when
I'm on campus.

i'm heading to horace mann middle school
https://mannms-lausd-ca.schoolloop.com/ now and i do go there most days.

i hope to not burn you out on this project but i feel at the pace we are
going we should be on a maintenance bases in a short period of time (a
week or so).

thank you so very very much. this is so much fun for me. i hope to be able
to help you in as well.

sincerely, gratefully cheers!