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Luri, I've done my basic ]po[ [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/20/2018 04:25:39


I've done my basic ]po[ configuration and parameters settings. Maybe you
can check the later since you know more about running a secure system than
I do.
I also cleaned out the demo data.
It would be very nice to run dotlrn along side ]po[ Frank said we should
be able to install ]po[ onto a working dotlrn via the oacs package system.

sooooo.... at any rate i.e. like phil greenspuns suggestion of having 3
different instances to work with...so maybe you are up for doing another
install or maybe you would like to walk me through installing it?

either way...i do expect to install it several times until i'm comfortable
doing it and getting it configured.

OS:                Debian-8.8-64bit
IP Address:
Hostname:        Not Assigned
4 CPU:                3%
2048MB RAM:        0%
40GB SSD:        0%

Installed:         04/19/2018
IP Address:
Password:         pynUqAhuhU
Run Mode:         Safe