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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/20/2018 03:56:00

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On Thu, April 19, 2018 7:40 pm, Iuri Sampaio wrote:
Hi Kenneth,

]po[ has been successfully installed. Since you haven’t provided a domain
name (DNS), I took the liberty to assign the IP: to
http://projop.iurix.com <http://projop.iurix.com/>.

kmw: I went to the above and registered just now.

I’ll let you run the wizard and set up ]po[ instance accordingly to our
needs (see image bellow).
If you have no user and pwd, then go to http://projop.iurix.com/hack-login
<http://projop.iurix.com/hack-login> I’ve setup a script to bypass the
authentication process. Let me know when you assign new credentials to SWA
admin user. So, I can delete the script.

kmw: ok you can deleted it. i searched for the account i created and
granted it site-wide privileges...so i'm cool.

For now, I’ve denied access to all robots and crawlers. Please, see

kmw: good!

Regarding our scope of tasks to accomplish, please see the following list.

1. configure e-mail for notification
ANSW:  Postfix has been installed and tested. Nevertheless, I still need
directions to configure it properly.
Will the server host a mail server too or relay on another mail server ?
If postfix will relay on another host, what are the Mail server

kmw: I'd like to have postfix configure locally for this initial workflow.
This is the default that allows ]po[ to be on it's own.

2. configure self register or automated join buttons
ANSW: It needs to be better specified. Let’s talk about further instructions.
Currently, all parameter settings are assigned to the default values.
Meaning, everything is assigned to Frank’s.  Let’s define our own settings
(i.e. Contact emails, Contact names, and etc.)

kmw: sounds good. once the outgoing postfix is configure it will notify
admin when a user registers themselves

3. configure backup and restore
ANSW: Automatic backups were properly setup and scheduled.

kmw: fantastic! I need to learn how to do this.

4. they both use postgresql so we want to have a stand-a-lone cluster of 2
or more that they both use at some point...for now they each have their
own on the same instances.
ANSW: It needs to be better specified. Let’s talk about further instructions.

kmw: yes i agree. for now local postgresql is the default.

5. compare the features of both erp, etc so we have a good idea what we
can propose for specific system requirements.
ANSW:  It needs to be better specified. Let’s talk about further

kmw: yes it does need specific details.  Potential clients (students)
provide requirements from our survey (orientation) of their proposed erp,
crm, etc.

6. use the project managers in our daily collaborations.
ANSW: It needs to be better specified. Let’s talk about further instructions.

kmw: this means i want us to use the system instead of using e-mail to
communicate and plan. e-mail will automatically notify us when we turn it
on in each, project, forum, xowiki, file-storage, etc.

Furthermore, as I mentioned before, I’ve set up RSA key authentication not
the server. Please, send your RSA public key to me. So, I can grant you
remote access to the server. Plus, if you use a static IP address, let me

kmw: I need help creating my RSA public key. I have never gotten a handle
on this. I so appreciate you helping me.

kwyrick user also has several domains on:
http://mydomain.com how should i get you the password? I need to learn how
to set up DNS, MX, and any other records. I do not know how to do any of

caltek.net    May 19, 2018 someone set this up for me years ago to do
mail. he was a volunteermatch persons, not in the US. I have little to no
idea how it works.

litli.net   April 14, 2019 this is the main R&D Teletest Cybernetic Portal
(Livingtson Institute @ New York Univeristy NYU.

picounion.net January 05, 2019 This is my local community of pico union
where I plan to do http://turnkeylinux.org/sahana-eden. with your help i
could maybe do a native install with postgresql instead of mysql...i think
it is.

rhsalumnifoundation.org  June 13, 2018
this is my high school foundation domain that points to the rrider.org below.

rrider.org    December 29, 2018
my rough rider Roosevelt High School Alumni Foundation where I'm the
treasure of the board.

tutortronics.net   February 24, 2019
this is a for-profit that is a DBA of my partner Candy. I think of this as
a funding source. This company does construction roofing and waterproofing
design and inspection work.

We have used ]po[ for our projects. I have a vm that I will get it running
again, locally and maybe you can help us back it up and restore it to a
new ]po[ instance since we ran our of space. pretty sure is setup as lvm.

Best wishes,

I�m moderate on extroversion.
http://rhsrider.net Roosevelt HS Alumni Foundation
http://wecanf.net  WECAN Foundation