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Michael and Marcela...meet Ben [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 06/22/2018 20:16:57

Michael and Marcela...meet Bengamin.
See videos about each of what you do.
Ben see LATTC student rendering video on the second line of
thank you .

see the follow-up below the 
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Subject: Check Out This Execution of Zoning Change Map by Chicago Ward District
From:    "Benjamin Pezzillo" <bp@pactriglo.com>
Date:    Thu, June 21, 2018 4:59 pm
To:      "Kenneth Wyrick" <kmw@caltek.net>

I was chatting about our call with my colleague who reminded me of this

I think we can do something much better...

*Benjamin Pezzillo, CEO*
(213) 448-8266 m
new content (below)
Benjamin sent me the two(2) attached files an then followed-up (above) with the chicago case study site in our process of crafting a local Early Notification System strategy for NC's. We agreed to focus on Huezar for the current boyle heights city planning district draft with a capability to automate or periodically generate Early Notification layers reflecting https://recode.la/ zoning. note, now i'm thinking aboue the included commercial space along the river, as well.

My thinking is to create parcel data layers by service regions then be able to sub-divide by each NC which gives us a way to compare regional services to each NC. while being able to chart new filings, to be included as a select-able checkbox for stakeholder notification.

http://empowerla.org/find-your-council/ shows regional service areas that you've heard me refer to before.

the other e-mail i sent (today) is also related to this. too bad, neither of you have opted into to having your own account on my caltek.net, otherwise, you can access this an much more there. this is where i'm documenting most everything, this year.

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