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Please add  https://github.com [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 08/22/2021 03:22:59

Please add https://github.com/GreenFrogSB/LMDS to the pi installations. 
It's a docker environment that should be able to host all if not most of the other installations note: I've included the pi installs from the initial email so that it's all in this one email
Furthermore I'd very much like to move this plan into Moodle , Slack and or Github, your choice or maybe you have another option...I have a few more options if you are interested.
The pi router install (below) would replace a 
dell dual core 64bit  that is running pfsense natively and receiving a direct Internet connection on the pass through of the at&t router. 
note: it has an added usb to eth adaptor that may or may not be needed on the pi with the other software.https://caltek.net/blog/calteknet-2/post/raspberry-pi-as-a-router-247
A Dell dual quad core at Menlo with a 4yr old version of Proxmox is running both CalTek.Net and TuTorTronics.NetCalTek.Net is running Odoo 11 now but instead of migrating from 11 to odoo-14 I may just install odoo-14 and copy over what I need. TuTorTronics.Net is running Project Open 
I hope to move from the dual quad to one or more pi's theneventually from the pi at menlo to la.caltek.net which
is hosting I have on http://ssdnodes.com in LAhttps://github.com/realworldsolutions/OdooPi