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1. Domains and FQD. Still wait [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 04/29/2018 14:57:56

1. Domains and FQD. 
Still waiting for you final decision. I need a feed back from regarding what subdomains you want to assign to our 3 servers. Remember, we can always keep them as they are now. Then we consider the task completed. Currently they are:

1.1.  projop.iurix.com

1.2.  dotlrn.iurix.com   & lrn.iurix.com (dev instance for testing purposes

1.3. caltek.iurix.com

2. Postfix, 
Waiting for bluehost support to fix SMTP 
Without relaying on bluehost SMTP works fine but emails go to spam and trash.
If or while bluehost finishes the fix, I can set up our 3 servers to relay on contact@iurix.com. No problem at all.

3. Backups were knocked off (all 3 servers)

4. Fix source code to merge .LRN with ]PO[. The task is accomplished. 
The unique merged instance will be dotlrn.iurix.com. Let’s change the DNS to something more intuitive such as polrn.iurix.com. Shall we?

5. LDAP 
LDAP authentication to support projop.iurix.com and caltek.iurix.com . It's still in progress. I started to working in the installation yesterday night.

You’re welcome Kenneth. And I shall thank you too!

Best wishes,