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On Thursday, February 22nd, th [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 02/21/2018 19:34:05

On Thursday, February 22nd, the School on Wheels Skid Row Digital Learning center is participating in the National Digital Learning Day. Our celebration will consist of students learning HTML coding techniques from Neeraj Kapoor, CEO of Learn To Be and long-time partner of School on Wheels. Our students will also have the exciting opportunity to experience hands-on virtual reality thanks to our partnership with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality. By using Oculus’ immersive technology, our students will be able to delve into a futuristic world which they will control and create 3D art and music. Through this digital learning celebration, our students will be able to experience something that is quite opposite from what they are accustomed to no a daily basis - moving from shelter to shelter and school to school without much control over their environment and surroundings. #DLDay #SchoolOnWheels