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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/22/2020 03:40:49

Hershel Daniels
6:56 PM (1 hour ago)
to me, My, Gaylord, Paul

It is different from Qme it looks to be our online conference software.

They are pivoting from membership management of in person conferences.

We are going to offer them a $5M deal

 The goal is to become the sw for black folk online

$5m to be raised

Under that plan of action I propose:

10% to go to raising funds $500k via the Blackfolksplan.com site

Leaving $4.5M

Prepay debt for 1 year at $660.000

Leaving $3.84M

BlackFolksPlan Administration of company at 15% or $675k

Leaving $3.165M for operations

$1M to African Diaspora Directorate and allied Friends of the African Union for their version of the FAU smartWISE Community Reinvestment Coalition online starting with San Diego as part of the FAu California launch this week.

$1M to a white label of whova

$1.165M to white label BlackFolksPlan and to promote it with QMe

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