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C onsultancy The work carried [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 05/06/2018 16:25:32

C onsultancy

The work carried out over the years by the human team of Open Phoenix IT provides us with an excellent view of the needs of Information Technology in organizations and how to cover them through the implementation of open source technologies  . 

However, applying the knowledge already acquired, in some cases is not enough; the breadth of needs entails an approach to solutions for the management of organizations in the most agile way possible. Choosing the most appropriate solution is undoubtedly a complicated task when developing an ICT project. Therefore, Open Phoenix IT IT Consulting Technology, provides organizations and agencies with their consulting service that helps them achieve success in the processes and ICT projects in which they are immersed.


Work methodology and business model

The methodology of work and business model adopted by Open Phoenix IT is based on a model of good practices, close to our customers, facilitating a differential factor that clearly distinguishes them from their competitors through the integration of technology in their way of working and its processes. This model of good practices is based on the so-called "Fees Model", the fundamental pillars of this methodology applied to consulting are the following.


Technological diagnosis, prescription and evaluation

Evaluate the use of information technology within the organization performing an in-place thereof and related business processes, auditing evaluating how can these processes be improved, either by enhancing the already acquired technology, or looking for new technologies that allow the organization to improve its processes and increase its profitability.

We help organizations make the right decisions on acquiring technology through an extensive knowledge of the market and the ICT sector and marketing campaigns, commercial sensations or impositions of suppliers; our team will look for the best technological solution to your needs, without bias of any kind.


Project coordination

The projects of development or implementation of technological solutions usually consist of several solutions to be integrated and working groups involved in the heterogeneous project. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate the different teams of people involved who work with a common objective. The Fees model guarantees through its methodology that all teams are coordinated and aware of the fulfillment of the objectives and criteria of success of the projects. The work of Open Phoenix IT in this case is to ensure success.


Technological change

Organizations need an ally to help them take the necessary steps towards achieving technological change that adapts to the reality of the business. Open Phoenix IT offers the service of technological change that provides organizations with the necessary foundations to implement the most frequent and necessary information technologies in their sector.


Technological vanguard

It is common the emergence of new technologies that completely revolutionize the market, a clear example of this is the web 2.0, therefore it is advisable to stay informed and advised on all those new technologies that may be key, acquiring knowledge through research applied to facilitate their early adoption in our customers, thus outperforming their competitors.


Own technology, R + D + i

We have design technology, conception and own development. 

We have developed technology capable of increasing productivity in sectors such as the assembly of electronic devices, or the cloning of physical storage media and we are immersed in projects to maintain technological infrastructures remotely.

Examples of this are 

Our Backharddi-NG system under the umbrella of the General Public License (GPL), widely recognized in the computer assembly industry.  
A Rapid Development Framework (RAD) based on asynchronous sockets under Twisted and ExtJS technology called Goliat and licensed under the GPL.
Our research project on the integration of Scalr and Eucalyptus with the purpose of reducing costs considerably in redundant and scalable systems. 
A legal digital document validation system, pioneer in the world of open source.

Having us as a technological ally enables the implementation of important technological advances when it comes to reducing support production costs and improving productivity.