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- 03/26/2018 16:27:52

Dan Winter
http://www.goldenmean.info/ophanim (top) New Film is up!( https://recordings.rna1.blindsidenetworks.com/…/f2…/capture/ -includes chat, or YouTube: https://youtu.be/pAmVlhCav5Q -course visuals at link)
"The Plasma Projection Physics / ALCHEMY - behind ancient origins of ALPHABETS", Dan Winter - with Teresa Burns and Alan Moore. http://www.goldenmean.info/dnaring - When Dan Winter discovered the golden spiral in 3D was the origin of Hebrew and Sanskrit letterforms- it was just the beginning. Now we know that liquid and / or magnetic flux inertia projected along that precise golden spiral on a torus- is precisely how to MAKE gravity - and how the Vimana and Nazi Bell flew. http://www.fractalfield.com/propulsion By placing your attention in the plasma of your holographic brain- in exactly those cookie cutter 'shadows on the wall of the cave' - you produce literally an impulse- which controls the direction your aura is pushed. This is not only the origin of your ONLY way to effectively steer- in lucid dream/ death- (when you are 'just' a ball of plasma) - but ALSO the deep physics of OPHANIM ENOCHIAN- ( http://www.goldenmean.info/ophanim ) angel alphbets and Moore... Cue here Teresa Burns and Alan Moore - Teresa ( leader of our Alchemy Ophanim FACEBOOK GROUP) is in our view a world leading academic on the history of John Dee, Kelley and... Alchemy science, Alan - is our most powerful local practitioner of the real spiritual sciences of magic. Together, they can share why they consider a properly-set-up Enochian Temple to be itself a breakthrough technology. In the tradition of Vincent Bridges, they view the Enochian or Ophanic work of John Dee and Edward Kelley as a kind of “cosmic” alchemy,” a literal intervention from outside. This transformative system can best described in energetic states, where even the letters themselves function as waveguides. Like Dan and Vincent, they view Enochian as a nested system of multidimensional geometries, a bioenergetic machine provided to humans from the outside to help jump-start our own evolution

Teresa Burns adds here- History of ALCHEMY as centripetal plasma science: "Alchemy as practiced in ancient Egypt might well be considered an “ancient” breakthrough technology using the sacred geometry of the Temple itself as the container. If one considers the soul purpose of alchemy is to create a plasma body, in effect to make one’s consciousness phase-coherent enough that it passes through death into the next life, then several other esoteric subjects phase-lock with this as well. Vincent Bridge’s explanation of the timeline of western alchemy—from ancient Egypt forward to Fulcanelli—can be used to illustrate this point, as can his and Dan Winter’s ideas about the Enochian alphabet, when that alphabet is placed in a correctly constructed Temple space, which is what Alan and I have spent the last several years of our life learning how to build and keep running.

How are these things similar? Well, consider that Andre Vandenbroek, in Al-Kemi, noted that R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz’s ideas of the symbolique in the Temple of Luxor/Temple in Man connected directly to alchemy. Further, Schwaller claimed that Fulcanelli had “borrowed” his (Schwaller’s) idea of the symbolique in Egyptian Temples to write about so-called initiatory “green language/ langue verte” and the explosion of cathedral-building across Europe just after the Crusades. Fulcanelli wrote about this in Mysteries of the Cathedrals; in Schwaller’s monumental work The Temple in Man, Schwaller had in effect considered the Temple of Luxor in Egypt a structure designed to jump-start an expansion of consciousness through the energetics of that container (the Temple) plus what he called the symbolique: initiatory symbols which could not even be understood until a certain level of consciousness was attained, and which became more meaningful as change (in the form of healing, understanding and expansion of consciousness) occurred. In short, the Temple was a vessel designed to help its (human) contents evolve, and those humans did so in part by becoming more phase coherent with the technology- the Temple—which allowed them greater ability to understand the symbolique inscribed upon the walls. As we have partly learned and partly discovered, in a correctly designed Enochian Temple, you also have a “container” (again, the Temple itself, but also in this case the geometric shapes evoked by its construction) embodying a rather spectacular embedded sacred geometry principle and “charging” those inside of it. Instead of the symbolique, you instead have the ideas of the letters themselves, arranged in particular patterns, as waveguides.