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ok. i'm on it. anything else y [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 10/23/2018 15:08:59

ok. i'm on it.

anything else you want to do, organize, research, bring it on.

ok....let's see if you will do what no one else has done with me.


just goto the above url
download and
install exelearning on your desktop
this is my desktop editor/publisher

Dear Mr. Kenneth

I appreciate your time and patience.
What are some things the organization does very well?
What are some unique assets that the organization has?
Why do people look to the organization?
Does the organization have an especially talented staff or volunteers?
Does the organization have great resources or strong networks?

What are some potential avenues for growth?
Are there upcoming events (economic, social, etc.) that the organization can take advantage of?
What are other organizations doing? Does it offer an opportunity to collaborate?
What assets/resources exist that can support the organization?
Is there a strategy that hasn't been tried?

What is something the organization is currently struggling with?
Are there challenges with processes or systems?
Is there something in the culture of the organization that could pose as a weakness?
Does the organization need additional support? In which areas?
Where does capacity need to be built?

What is currently happening in the economic, political landscape that could potentially harm the organization?
How are other organizations fairing? Are challenges a trend across the board?
Where can we potentially cause ourselves to fail?
Thinking about the process from start to finish, what are the events that could potentially stop the movement of our process?
What information is the company missing?

Thanks for your time Mr. Kenneth.  I will call you tomorrow

Esther Glaze
Complan 11