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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 11/20/2020 03:55:18

Kenneth Wyrick <calteknet@gmail.com>
7:53 PM (0 minutes ago)
to Sruti, bcc: Josh, bcc: Zainab, bcc: Vct

Please have a look at the various projects (not sure if you have to be a  member or not:

I'm thinking about having 
docker stacks using a common postgresql cluster (host and docker)
    on texas and 
    on linode 
each container may be started or not started, on the linode 
each one needs to resolve on domains and subdomains all on :80:

1. nginx is on linode host points to proxmox nginx and texas nginx is in a docker do we need an nginx on each server?

2. caltek.net  on proxmox odoo-11 going to odoo-14 on texas and linode

3. tutortronics.net  proxmox ]po[ working now but needs to be on texas and linode this is a for-profit along with Food Tribe

4. litli.net  proxmox openacs db? with Linode new install in a stack that is working and could be replicated to texas. need to load db

5. o.calek.net for omeka need docker on texas and linode to do the Pan African Museum

6. mo.caltek.net moodle github.com/calteknet need dockers on texas and linode to setup online classes

7. u.caltek.net ushahidi need dockers on texas and linode to do crowdsourcing, mapping incidences for the Food Tribe and others. 

ushahidi works with 

8. picounion.net  sahana eden humanitarian management (linode port needs to be set to resolve to picounion.net even when it reboots)

9. e.caltek.net elgg github.com/calteknet portfolio to be used for AerialInsights.net which has a broken token or css file. This is also something that foodtribe should evaluate

10. ldap which is nowhere, yet but needs to be setup