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As per our conversation...On t [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 11/12/2020 20:31:11

As per our conversation...On the Linode is the/home/kmw/odoo/ctn_2020-11-12_19-09-22.zip
nginx config files on linode/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/caltek.net    odoo now pointing to proxmox nginx. needs to be migrated to linode either odoo-11 or odoo-14. would be good to migrate it to texas as well. db is in /home/kmw/Downloads/odoo  nginx on proxmox root@nginx .../nginx/sites-enabled
litli.conf    pointing to nginx on proxmox but it's broken. nginx on proxmox points to /home/litli/database-backupa copy of the database is on the linode: /home/kmw/litli/ menlo proxmox wan :5432 is open to postgres litli fyi...  

tutortronics.conf  ]po[ working.  re-directs to proxmox. needs to be migrated to linode and texas

elgg.conf     copied from proxmox nginx. needs to be configured to the linode instance see e.caltek.net. there is a lot of content in the proxmox container  e.caltek.net
picounion.conf  was resolving to picouion.net on linode but now is on :42002, goes down after several hours.
Sahana Eden  may not have a nginx config file, yet. http://caltek.net:42002 used to resolve on http://picounion.net see the nginx config file on the host.fyi, this is a turnkeylinux sahana eden that I installed and I do have some data but it's not critical information.I have even more content in on the proxmox box.
u.caltek.net is ushahidi and I do not see an nginx config file for it on the linode, yet. on the proxmox is also wcae.net this domain does not exist anymore. proxmox root@nginx .../nginx/sites-enabled/wcaec.net. this app goes hand and hand with the picounion.net / Sahana Eden. They both use open street maps. needs to be migrated from proxmox to both linode and texas.
moodle.conf  copied from proxmox. no instance on linode, yet mo.caltek.net

helium.com         linode local for Dominique. you may review but no action needed.
mahara.conf   was copied from proxmox. no instance on linode, yet  m.caltek.net
composr.conf   copied from proxmox. no instance on linode yet  composr.caltek.net
learninglocker.conf  copied from proxmox. no instance on linode yet  ll.caltek.net
omeka.conf  copied from proxmox. no instance on linode, yet   o.caltek.net

I suggest you consider creating an nginx in a docker container on the linode and configure it so that it may be used instead of the nginx on the linode host.Let me know.