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Sruti S 12:30 AM (8 hours ago [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 11/12/2020 16:54:05

Sruti S
12:30 AM (8 hours ago)
to me

Hi, Ken:

1. Odoo:14 is running on caltek:81 (since 80 is a key Nginx proxy), and appears to be working fine. I installed
a few apps without trouble. Could you try and QA it to eensure it's stable? 

2. One of the two Texas instances is still running fine, I thnk, on 8069. Please let me know if it looks ok in your general
use cases.

3. I will look into the other one, but believe that a config file can be the cause for the behavior, though there may be other
Odoo issues posted on Github.

4. BTW, I wanted to see your DNS entries for clarity, but don't know how to get to the domain to refer to those entries.
How do I see the actual DNS configs? Could you access and send them? Thanks.
5. Clarification on moving proxmox intances to the Linode:
In our discussion where you were at a friends house, you said I could upgrade the Linode, ie, caltek.net
(where we ssh), which would mean taking down the dozen or so Docker containers should a restart be required.
Unless all containers were configured as such, or managed by Portainer or scripts, they might not automatically
restart, and Domenic might be made if something went down. Of course, as a technical PM, I'd make sure I had
backups and recorded the state to the best of my knowledge before doing so, so I would not have fallen into a trap.
For, now, I just updated all the packages but not the kernel. I will make sure I can bring everything up again before I 
upgrade, if you don't mind.

For some reason, during our conversation, you mentioned I could take port 80 and nginx and use it to host Odoo14.
Notice you have Odoo11, and for some reason also Odoo12, except it is what I call a "metallic" or "bare-naked"
(strictly my terms!) install, ie, on the bare metal. I think nginx is also "metallic". As a matter of fact, if I'd foolishly
followed your advise and taken over the nginx instance, all that proxying to various hosts would have potentially been 
hosed, I think. 

You say Linode, I say caltek.net, or litli.net or tutortronics.net or picounion.net -- all appear to resolve to 
the same IP, thanks to some clever networking/proxying via nginx and DNS domains used on proxmox! 
Of course, I agree that the final result will be that caltek or its replacement would replace all the proxmox stuff
-- and that is my goal as well.

We also would need to upgrade Portainer-CE on that server, and test/verify all existing containers and that's on my list.

Please clarify your vision.