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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 08/15/2020 23:21:22

California Erasing the Digital Divide 2020

We are in a similar situation with caltek.net as we were when we applied to community partners before in 2009.

Looking to form a small team of people that will work to support a coalition of California agencies to Erase the Digital Divide, for 1-2yrs as a project of Community Partners.

A Project Mission 

To Increase the organizational communications infrastructure, capacity and diversity of 200+ California based, non-profits. To research, develop and implement free open source software (FOSS), Information Communication Technology (ICT) resources and systems for the purpose of Erasing the Digital Divide. Support, community information infrastructures, universal access, collaborative sharing of resources, and utilization of technology to empower the under served communities.

Find a working DRAFT of an administrative R&D organizational operational system org chart. The purpose of CalTekNet is to coalitionize an organization centric CA digital divide Initiative that informs, accommodates and leverages the following existing resources but not limited to such:

200+ California Based former CTCNET Affiliates

Los Angeles Neighborhood Counsel Alliances and Coalitions

California Education Network Initiatives Corporation (CENIC)  Gigbit or Bust     RFP's

Advanced Distributed Learning  Gauging Distributed-Learning Maturity     CMI5 Resources

Museum soft power


I'm in the early stages of creating a budget and
completing the community partners questions (below)
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CTN July 2020 TOC
1. Project Description: What does your project do? (1½-3 pages) 
2. Project History: Why was this project initiated? (1-2 pages) 
3. Project Goals: What are you hoping to achieve? (½ -1 page) 
4. Project Impact: 
5. Project Leadership: 
6. Fundraising and Project Budget: 
7. Relationship with Community Partners:

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