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In response to Kenneth's quest [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/16/2020 20:54:29

In response to Kenneth's question about the "data fields"... I believe asset mapping is, at the heart of it, about intent and purpose - we don't gather data for no reason or to tick a box!

Here's a link to a project I was part of in Jakarta, Indonesia where we identified 6 "elements" to potentially map, including the 6 assets of ABCD, which are noted in the "community mapping" element in this example: http://jeder.com.au/the-asset-mapping-atlas/  


thank you for providing a link

i found http://jeder.com.au/art-of-participatory-community-building/


but this forum is about software. the sahana eden and ushahidi are both software that include asset management. I also use http://project-open.com a powerful ERP system that has many integrated financials and asset management capabilities.

My concern with the brain, which i used many years ago,
is that I did not find a Linux version, when I looked and

from my experience it is great, as a mind map, it's so fluid. The zoom in and out provides a unique experience where by it constitutes visually dynamic relational, interactions that morph based on one's selectable focus. TheBrain does not easily create an open system, by design, that would be widely accessible on github, as open source software. Makes it a bit hard to share.

So, it's hard for me to get excited about it since it does not satisfy my personal requirements.

A software tool i've used since ~2000 is: http://exelearning.net
It's a desktop outlining and publishing systems, written in python.