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CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 03/10/2020 02:55:35

Heather Brown <heather.brown@dzsolutions.com>
9:54 AM (9 hours ago)
to Matthew, me, Hakeem

Hi Matt-

Thanks for sending over and the intro.  It is always good to make connects for a common goal 😊  I will start to organize my trip for late this year/early next depending on how things go with the CV.  The organization I work with and support is- http://journeyhouseafrica.org/about.html   https://b-m.facebook.com/JOURNEYHOUSEAFRICA/  I prefer the FB page 😊 better info.

They are fundraising right now on FB for a new ECD, and I am hoping they are able to reach their goal so that we can come and help with the building and technology portion.  I would love to do an intro to Kenneth and Hakeem to my friend Rogers, who is heading up the project and children’s center in Rwanda.

The organization that helps with the trips and getting the projects funded is DWC https://developingworldconnections.org/  They are who would be best to reach out to, although I do not know their decision criteria to fund or decide on projects. 

This might be a good start, or at least the best I can do for now.  Once I start to either work with DWC or start my own project/trip, I can follow up to see if we can work together on this project and some of the others.