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ok you mentioned and will prov [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 01/04/2019 23:36:42

ok you mentioned and will provide me (kw) the 3 things i wanted from you. an no. please feel free to tell me exactly what you are thinking, at all times. being innocently honest works great for me.

I'd like to through somethings out to you (below) to see if any of them stick.

my void is in others not being willing to explore the tools i've used for years.

now let's see how we can use free open source software in social business venture by participating in Making Fairs. this is where I want to have making genealogy activities... from a historical perspective:

http://turnkeylinux.org has 80+ apps that all use the same core Debian OS. This is a game changer for learning categories of apps and having access to installing your own copy and publishing it to AWS when you are ready.
https://caltek.net/turnkeylinux has several that i use

On the Desktop I use - http://exelearning.net
ctn translation services uses eXe 

therefore, i have 100's of single file documents and i broke it into components.

i use the eXe editors to outline and publish scorm, html5 and more. you and i went through this another time. not sure what happened but this is fundamental to the growth potential with kmw. 

There are several Desktop distro's I use:


Online Servers kmw has invested in http;//cloudatcost.com provisions which i have just over a years experience with.

http://wecanf.net/learn is a Moodle instance that has run continuously for 4yrs. now. i'm the only one that uses it and it provides a viable LMS that can connect to the xAPI and I produce SCORM and IMS using the eXeLearning Desktop editor.

I do not want to go on too much here. I'm not sure how much you really want to know. 

anyway, eXe Desktop app allows me to take a document and copy and paste it's structure into a dynamic outline. Then be able to collaborate and even publish outside of going back and forth via e-mail.

the cTn eCoLearning SysTem is ramping up to convert existing content and synthesis other content using xAPI LRS https://www.ht2labs.com/

Email is for notifications. and some dialog...you know all this.

On Fri, January 4, 2019 8:34 am, Joanna at Building Community Capacity wrote:
Greetings Kenneth,

This is not meant or intended to be an insult, but a professional
observation. It's amazing how much clarity can be gained in
reciprocal/mutual interest relationships. Social capital is grounded in
trust and respect that will serve as a foundation for reciprocal
relationships. Losing either one of them will lead to dysfunctional
relationships. As BCC moves forward with team-building, first quarter 2019,
we're focusing more and more on what's really at work in the process of
establishing collaborations and partnerships: Clear and consistent
communication. Open, transparent, and accountable too.

The 21st-century models of doing business rely on cooperation to increase
impact and achieve outcomes. Since BCC operates as a social business:*
we're not profit-driven as in capitalistic ventures. We understand the
importance of revenue to fund our work but we *prioritize* the quality of
work we're doing to truly, as best we can, work on *causes *as defined
by *Muhammad
Yunus*, the premier originator of this knowledge. I invite you to review *the
link* I shared. He also worked with other geniuses like Ancestor Kofi Annan
to establish better frameworks and methodologies for doing the necessary
work of creating change.

I hope this helps with why I'm emphasizing how I won't allow BCC pro bono
work on initiatives involving funding. There is absolutely no reason or
excuse for me to approve any proposals where BCC is short-changed in
revenue, and therefore, unable to fund our causes.

I have repeatedly stated this, re: revenue, so at this point, I would
prefer not to be involved. Please contact me when there are more definitive
plans, clearly articulated about how BCC can participate and/or help. I've
spent enough time trying to accommodate and need to move on with BCC's 2019
priorities. WBE certification is a game-changer so we'll update
our registration in grants.gov when and where it's warranted. What's on
deck right now is completing SAM and associated registrations.

In the meantime, I'll forward my bio and resume so it can be in the
proverbial hopper and retrieved when collaborative possibilities arrive on
your end. Know that I trust and respect you. Now I'm trying to get us on
the same page....organization, company, initiative, proposal, research,
genealogy, education, and other collaborative opportunities.

I'm sure you can pull this off. In fact, I know you can.

In liberation and solidarity,

*Joanna Grace Farmer*
*Founder and Director *
*Building Community Capacity, LLC*
*+1-816-287-1975 *
*"Increasing access to information and resources that strengthen and
empower children, families, and communities"*
*~Learn about ways to achieve your goals @ **http://www.moneysmartkc.org/

On Fri, Jan 4, 2019 at 10:08 AM Kenneth Wyrick <kmw@caltek.net> wrote:

> Ok. I mixed to different projects in that one e-mail. WECAN Foundation
> has no project or agreement with MRendler, yet. We have spoke about
> WECANF.net
> working with the Watts Clean Air on Urban Farming.

> The Envision Center is something that MRendler also includes in our
> conversations but that too has no agreement and I'm not clear how he 
> connects the various other agencies that is involved with HUD as the
> Watts
> Rising Leadership Council.

> The grants.gov is on the table because of Dale Sims. His initial research
>  as lead Him along with Michel and myself to start the process to apply
> for grants in the Agri+Aqua Culture training for Vets. This is based on
> the facilities and urban farm that Michel has created and runs on 600 W.
> 60th
> St.

> Michel, gave us a proposal she created for the urban farm and submitted
> to California State, several years ago. she did not win the award. This so
>  far is our reference proposal. It's budget is $350k. Dale says we 
> calculates for WECANF, with his help, to apply for up to $2m in 2019.

> We have not spoken about our roles other than Michel suggested that Dale.
>  I asked you to join our team, but mainly I was requesting that you get
> registered on grants.gov and based on what Michel comes up with that you'd
>  already be registered and able to join the team as we flush out the
> roles and requirements.

> So, I was reacting to the opportunity to have you in a position to
> participate. Of course I can see how this was not clear, in my 
> communications. I also have a few other opportunities that I would like
> to explore engaging you in specific to my caltek.net.

> I hope this gives you a clearer picture of what's what. Please do not
> hesitate to ask other questions and follow up on your existing questions.

> thank you very much.

> ps I know we need to be paid as professionals. On Fri, January 4, 2019
> 7:01 am, Joanna at Building Community Capacity
> wrote:
> Good morning, KW.

> BCC is my company: Building Community Capacity, LLC

> I don't have clarity about how you want BCC to participate, per your
> original question in your initial invitation.

> If we can establish a mutual understanding about BCC's role, then we can
> move forward. I  need to know about the budget because, again, this will 
> not be a pro bono commitment. There has to be funding somewhere in this 
> enterprise since MRendler is participating here and also in WWells' 
> initiative.

> FYI background: BCC worked with WWells to establish Encounter MIssouri;
> he was already working with MRendler, et al on the initiative I forwarded 
> yesterday. EnVision. I asked a question about your knowledge of the
> initiative.

> I promised William I'd attend the 1/17/2019 meeting and will move forward
>  accordingly. I received an email from him this morning and will check on
> it today to make sure I'm maintaining consistent and clear communication
> about BCC's participation. *His invitation was to BCC*.

> Hope this helps with establishing clarity on my end about participating
> on your team. There are a lot of moving parts so practicing agile project 
> management is imperative. When I/BCC visited Cerner Corporation last year
>  on a possibility tour (to learn more about schools and school districts 
> successfully implementing innovative, disruptive, and best practices in
> the KC region), we learned more about how they're using internships for
> high schools and placing them on agile project management teams.

> I'm investing time and energy in learning about this model from an
> expert, SCORE workshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP0cUBWTgpY.

> Looking forward to your response. Have a blessed and peaceful day,

> Joanna
> *Joanna Grace Farmer*
> *Founder and Director *
> *Building Community Capacity, LLC*
> *+1-816-287-1975 *
> *"Increasing access to information and resources that strengthen and
> empower children, families, and communities"* *~**
> https://joannagracefarmer.wordpress.com/2018/09/15/reaching-your-highest-p
> otential-making-a-difference/ <
> https://joannagracefarmer.wordpress.com/2018/09/15/reaching-your-highest-p
> otential-making-a-difference/
>> *
> *~Learn about ways to achieve your goals @ **http://www.moneysmartkc.org/
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