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Michael, Please show me the bu [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 11/03/2018 18:25:26


Please show me the budget for
$60.00/MONTHLY per student for Fusion 360

Also, Fusion 360 does not include a Linux OS version which means it's not
the most acceptable solution for open data or open source anything. It
does not support open access and equity.

Furthermore, I'm concerned that monies get spent for software before a
user is even trained and tied into using it. Often times these licensees
go un-used and monies paid, up front, are miss used and wasted but rarely
if even utilized as intended.

I see this as a disenfranchisement and choice-less acculturation of this
program with no options but to benefit a for profit company and be hooked
into their highly financed ability to get paid without assurances of it
being beneficial consumerism to communities.