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I was gung ho to submit, for y [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 11/03/2018 18:24:54

I was gung ho to submit, for years, but ultimately i was rejected based on
the push for new people. what about us old people?

I need to be able to utilize the expo to further our agendas and focus. my
focus is learning maker spaces.

my r&d is centered on browser based, lms-erp mix of systems
i.e. http://turnkeylinux.org (tkl) app http://turnkeylinux.org/odoo .

The tkl APPS categories align to industries...
scalex could build a conference taxonomy by adopting this, in some form.

Web development
IT Infrastructure
Content management
Business management
Issue tracking
Developer tools

Learning is Process specific to k-20 work force development assessments,
plans and implementations.

See http://caltek.net for my 1 yr utilization of http://odoo.org
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there was a talk last year on odoo. i would love to invite him back. i did
not follow up with him but he's really good.