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Subject:  Back to the 60's an [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 07/31/2021 00:35:51

Subject:  Back to the 60's and 70's with TSE + OJT +Tax Credits



        Hi KENNETH,
        Thank you for your response and interest in the “TSE” transitional subsidized employment with the “INVest”  Program as described at the Westmount/West Athens COMMUNITY Action for Peace  and South LA AJCC at Southwest College.As per our conversation, please see attached documents. I am very interested in follow-up conversation to provide certifications and a seamless transition of services from inside the walls to American Job Centers of California (AJCC) also called Worksource One-Stop Career Centers.

        Do you remember or know of the CETA Program back in the day? As per our conversation , the “InVest Program” invests taxpayers $$$ into Adult Active Formal Probationers to reduce recidivism by providing a career path for the probationer including paid  training.

        As such see attached documents. InVest provides transitional subsidized employment (TSE) through a 3rd party employer (like a Temp-Agency) to your business for  clients up to 300 hours at no costs! The wages + workers comp is paid by the 3rd party. You  provide the Worksite + Job supervision. See Worksite Agreement.  Job placement is the next step with an employer. If the employer  decides to hire the probationer, then on-the-job-training (OJT) can occur up to 400 hours of 50% of the wages to be reimbursed back to the  employer. The employer can also obtain a minimum of 2,400 in a Tax Credit (dollar for dollar savings from bottom  line taxes owed or forwarded if for profit), when the employee meets certain criteria like being released from jail within the last 12 months. https://edd.ca.gov/Jobs_and_Training/Work_Opportunity_Tax_Credit.htm

        Full support of the probationer now employee will be provided by the LA County Deputy Probation Officer assigned to the InVest Program (ME)+ the Career Development Specialist(CDS), and the Business Service Representative(BSR) Job Developer   at the American Job Centers of California also known as WorkSource One-Stop Career Centers. https://investprogram.net/locations

         Looking forward to working together with you and your employer network  in the spirit of collaboration.

         If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email me.


         Brad Carson/DPOII

        Offender Workforce Development Specialist

        InVest Program/ AJCC


        (323) 806-1093