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paul, thank you so much paul.. [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 05/12/2018 01:08:19

paul, thank you so much paul....you like i can follow direction and we are ready to cross pollinate systematically. 

michael and andrew that last e-mail has good references. so now we need a database. make sure to see my comments below. paul all of this is being pasted in the Leimert Park ArtsWalk discuss channel on http://caltek.net

inserted email (below)
From Ambassador Andrew Williams

The Alignment with Pandopopulas EncounterLA and United Hood Nation

See attached images.

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 10:55 AM, Michael Rendler <michael.rendler@gmail.com> wrote:
Kenneth  CIO Jobs Create Peace,

As we have been discussing a focused effort with specific outcomes.


http://clerk.cityofla.acsitefactory.com/sites/g/files/wph606/f/NCFP Policies 02.01.18 Final.pdf

Securing revenue for Neighborhood Council efforts.

Setting a project plan in place to 
deliver a Spatial Backend to 
support neighborhood councils 
at a detailed level 
using Open Street Map 
allowing for
Crowd Sourcing and 
integration with 
TOC efforts and 
Opportunity Fund financing.



This (above or below?) is old but what Can A.I. do for attached Funding Application [Attached 2018 AHMP)(Due end of May).  Vetted into HUD process for ACCESS TO FUNDS.

City of Los Angeles, County Supervisors and HUD officials, knows they need this type of GEOSPATIAL INTERFACE  to make Transparent Decisions.  This is role of our Government Vetting Process.  The role of neighborhood councils.  FEDERAL LAW.

Allowing access to Section 3 HUD resources into the SLATEZ projects.

What are "Section 3 HUD resources"?
What are the SLATEZ projects?


A smart map that shows the effects of this application (DATA MODE$L) process (ATTACHED 2018_AHMP) to secure funds and build a funding model aligned with a per forma is in Direct alignment with my letter attached to Jack Knott USC, Requiring inclusion of GeoSpatial Techology in selection of a HUD Envision Center initiative.  

Securing resources in this maze of documentation is a method of confusion.  It will result in frustration and abandonment of will. Resulting in

"They will give up, and only a lawyer can work through this."

Allowing the Community a Vision of how it is unrolling is critical to the  Envision Center success.

I am attempting to create a method of engagement that is DATA Based and will result in community engagement using the state of the art processes.  

This is focus of e7 Architecture Studio as advisor  of EncounterLA group.

i propose we adopt the TurnKeyLinux infrastructure that allows one to rapidly explore and deploy 100+ free server apps in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Only a browser is required. 

there are several deployment options

each TurnKeyLinux app is a headless server application 
they are pre-packaged apps 
deployed into their own container, using as the host:


the two integrated humanitarian applications are:
http://turnkeylinux.org/sahana-eden    (relief)
https://www.turnkeylinux.org/ushahidi  (crowd sourcing)

The http://caltek.net is using http://odoo.com w/ http://openeducat.org

the website market entrepreneurship opportunity for us
is in moving NC's from wordpress to a system that included 
erp, crm, mfg a whole slew of other apps: 

The new City Clerk Accounting requirements can be prototyped in odoo.
Intro to Odoo Accounting: Receivables, Payables, 
Starting with Chart of Accounts

managing assets

I�m moderate on extroversion.
http://rhsrider.net Roosevelt HS Alumni Foundation
http://wecanf.net  WECAN Foundation