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Hi Dr.Sam, Are you willing to [...]

CalTek.Net, Kenneth Wyrick
- 05/08/2018 03:47:19

Hi Dr.Sam,

Are you willing to work with me on pre-production for raspi projects
workshop were we setup 5 different tables and do 5 different projects. The
Sept last sun is for the annual Afro-Geeks Futurist Day.

Let me know if anything has changed from the 5 projects we came up with
last time.  We need to kit each one and take orders for the kits online 5
to 6 or more weeks before the event.

the kids @ horace mann middle school stole my phone. i have no numbers so
please email me back with your phone number along with your interest in
doing this event?
my number is 323.268-0395-c