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server is based on the second life game server. It is not great but it is all there is.

Minox Provost, [20.11.18 15:52]

  1. http://metaverseink.com/download/diva-r09000.zip

  2. http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Main_Page

  3.   You will need mysql installed with a database created for opensim to use.

  4.  You wil need mono installed. The complete install. The server is in c#

  5. Do not run it in a virtual machine. It uses udp.

  6. cd .../diva-r09000/bin/

  7. mono Configure.exe

  8. mono OpenSim.exe

  9. http://www.firestormviewer.org/downloads/

  10. i got a whole bunch of red errors. when i ran the config.exe

  11. The server uses udp packets and vitualization buffers ethernet so no one will enjoy being in the virtual world.

  12. They do not need to install the server. Just the viewer.

  13. https://spark.apache.org/

  14. You only run configure once to set up a new server.

  15. diva-r09000/bin/

  16. mono OpenSim.exe