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Description of this role
Communicate through one-on-one contact.
Skills you possess or want to learn

  • People skills, event organization, customer service/support, enthusiasm
Examples of where and how you can contribute in this role

  • Remember that you have complete freedom to do less, more or different tasks in the many projects and teams. Only your imagination sets the limits.
Team/Project Example tasks
  • Represent Fedora Project to the wider public.
  • Help spread the word about Fedora, Linux, and Open Source.
  • Be a point of contact for local community members and channel the feedback to Fedora Project.
  • Help recruit project contributors.
  • Think of creative ways for promoting Fedora in your region.
Fonts SIG
  • Convince foundries to release fonts under a free/libre Fedora-friendly license,
  • Recruit possible free/libre font authors,
  • Recruit new SIG members,
  • Get font or text problems fixed,
  • Improve the SIG visibility by getting it linked and quoted everywhere.
Games SIG
  • Seek publicity for games in Fedora.
Free Media
  • Help the Fedora Free Media Program to distribute Fedora media (DVDs & CD's) for free to individuals.
  • Develop marketing strategy to promote the usage and support of Fedora worldwide.
  • Support the efforts of other Fedora projects to spread Fedora and help provide a central repository of ideas and information that can be used to deliver Fedora to new audiences.
  • Provide help and support on mailing lists and in Fedora IRC channels on Freenode.
  • Provide Feedback to Developers about bugs.
Teams/projects supporting or supported by this role

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